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Natural honey is not treated with heat, chemicals, or radiation, it does not contain any additional ingredients or added sugars. The flavour, aroma and consistency of natural honey varies depending on the plants used in its production, as well as the time in which it is collected. Honey also varies from country to country.

Natural honey is infinitely superior to processed honey in terms of its taste and its properties. Processed honey is usually treated with heat to become and remain liquid, while larger batches will use a blend of honeys of different qualities and varying origins to obtain a uniform flavour and consistency.

Processes such as heating, filtering, etc. cause honey to lose many of its properties that are valuable to human health.

Unlike processed honey, our honey is harvested and processed using traditional methods. We do not add any additional ingredients, thus preserving its unique flavour and aroma and, most importantly, preserving all of its health benefits.

Our honey is harvested in Lithuania and Latvia, these are countries with a similar climate and nature, both proud of their long beekeeping traditions. In the EU countries, Lithuanian and Latvian apiaries have the lowest bee mortality rates. This is due to the clean nature and excellent apiculture traditions. The honey‘s journey from the hive to your table is guaranteed by APIPRODUKTAI JSC, a company with more than 22 years of experience with apiculture products that carefully selects and delivers only the best, natural, unprocessed honey of many varieties and flavours to more than 20 countries worldwide.

Due to its all-natural healing properties, honey is suitable for everyone, including babies over 12 months old, provided they are not allergic to pollen. Medical studies have also demonstrated that honey has antioxidant and antimicrobial effects. Honey products are recommended for the following:

  • people with liver and digestive tract diseases;
  • it detoxifies the body,
  • it lowers blood cholesterol levels,
  • it is recommended for atherosclerosis,
  • it can help with hepatitis,
  • it is beneficial for cardiovascular diseases,
  • anaemia,
  • arterial hypertension (high blood pressure),
  • it is very effective for urinary tract and prostate problems,
  • it improves appetite, skin health, and rejuvenates the body,
  • it reduces the negative effects of alcohol and helps in the treatment of many other diseases.

Honey produced by WILD MEADOW HONEY is natural, it has not been treated with heat, chemicals, or otherwise processed, and does not contain any additives. Honey is generally recognised as free of GMOs because the bees have not been genetically modified. In fact, cultivating GMOs is prohibited in Lithuania and Latvia. Depending on the honey variety, we supply both regular natural honey and organic honey harvested from organic apiaries.

A light-coloured honey tends to have a milder flavour compared to a darker honey. The darker the honey, the bolder and stronger its flavour. Our Linden and Dandelion honeys will appeal to people who enjoy mild flavours, whereas our Forest Flower, Forest, and Heather honeys are recommended for those looking for a bolder flavour.

  • Linden Honey. It has an excellent delicate, pleasant, and fresh flavour with the zest of mint, lemon-balm, menthol and an intense fragrance of linden flowers. It has a solid consistency and its colour varies from light yellow to clean amber.
  • Dandelion Honey. This honey has a mildly sweet flavour and a vaguely bitter aftertaste with a powerful aroma of dandelions. It is collected in May from dandelion meadows. It is light yellow in colour and has a slightly soft and creamy consistency.
  • Light Wildflower Honey. It has a mild aroma and a delicate flavour. It is mainly collected from the flowers in wild forests, meadows, and garden fruit flowers. It has a light-yellow colour and may be solid or slightly soft, containing small crystals.
  • Amber Wildflower Honey. It is fragrant and has a moderate sweetness. The flavour can range from mild to moderate. This honey is collected from many different meadow flowers throughout the summer. The colour ranges from yellow to yellowish brown. Honey collected at the end of summer will be darker and have a richer taste. It usually has a solid consistency.
  • Buckwheat Honey. The flavour is rich, sharp and strong. It is generally harvested from buckwheat fields in the second part of the summer.
  • Forest Flower Honey. It has a sharp taste and a very pleasant aroma. It comes in dark, yellow-gold, dark brown, and light grey colours. It is collected from the nectar of wild forest trees, shrubs, and flowers. The consistency varies from solid to slightly soft and creamy.
  • Forest Honey. It has a distinct moderate intensity and is slightly sweet. It is the only variety of honey that is not produced from flower nectar. When bees collect for forest honey, they do not go for flower nectar, but instead collect the honeydew from a variety of trees, both coniferous and deciduous. The colour varies from dark brown to rosy. It has a sticky and viscous consistency.
  • Heather Honey. It has a strong but pleasant flavour that is slightly bitter and mildly sweet with the fragrance of heather flowers. It has a dark yellow colour with a pinkish, tawny, or brown tinge. It is very thick and has a long crystallisation process. This is one of the best varieties of honey, boasting unique properties and a royal honey flavour.

We recommend storing honey in a jar or another sealed container at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. The package indicates a best before date to use our honey. However, due to its properties and the low moisture content in which natural sugars are dissolved, honey virtually does not spoil if it is stored properly. It is not required to keep honey refrigerated after opening, but it should be protected from water and other food contamination.

If the honey in your container has solidified, this means that the natural process of crystallisation is taking place. This is a sign that the honey is of high quality and that it has not been treated or processed with heat. As your honey crystallises, it retains its natural flavour, aroma, and all of its beneficial properties. You can continue to eat it. Nearly all untreated honey will crystallise over time because once honey is removed from the beehive where the temperature is kept at 35°C, it has already been exposed to other ambient temperatures.

If your honey has crystallised and you find it a little too hard for your taste, we recommend that you place the container in a warm place. Sometimes, stirring the slightly warmed honey can give you a more pleasant texture. We suggest warming the honey by placing the honey jar in a larger pan of hot (but not boiling) water at a temperature of up to 38°C and stirring until it softens. Please do not heat natural honey in a microwave or an oven as this process will destroy the valuable enzymes and nutrients contained therein.

Natural honey crystallises because the two main sugars that are naturally found in honey crystallise at different rates. Honey is made of glucose, fructose and other complex sugars. Glucose tends to crystallise rather quickly, but other sugars take longer, some remaining liquid at warm temperatures. This is why we notice changes in the structure of the honey and its crystallisation over time.

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