Honey and honey products

Supply of extra class Lithuanian quality honey, propolis, pollen, bee bread, wax, royal jelly for retail and wholesale trade in Lithuania and abroad. Servicing apiaries in Lithuania and the Baltic region by purchasing raw materials.

Bičių produktai - WMH
  • APIPRODUKTAI, JSC  continually purchases raw honey and all apiculture products from Lithuanian and Baltic apiaries.
  • Together with research institutions, we conduct product research, which is funded by the company and the EU.
  • Every year, Apiproduktai, JSC helps beekeepers acquire packaging, propolis and pollen collectors, and supports Lithuanian apiculture events and the beekeepers themselves.
  • We always conduct comprehensive quality tests of all purchased raw materials in specialised Lithuanian and German laboratories: National Institute for Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment (NMRVI), Eurofins, QSI, Intertek. Every product batch that is sold to our customers is tested in the laboratory. This allows for a very detailed picture of the quality, composition, stability, and ecological purity of the Lithuanian and Baltic honey products.
  • We provide detailed information about the product and its use; we offer consultations and advice.
  • The company deals with customer orders quickly and reliably from the moment they are placed until they are unloaded. Our logistics processes ensure a quality service and a fast and reliable door-to-door delivery.
  • When determining the production direction and the quality requirements for apiaries, the company shares information about bee product demand. We continuously provide information about ongoing changes in the apiculture product market.
  • We organise educational activities, including lectures and consultation on technological issues such as product assembly.

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