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Conventional raw propolis

Orders from 1 kg to 500 kg

Standard package 20 kg cardboard box

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Conventional raw propolis

Lithuanian (Baltic) propolis has an exceptional balmy fragrance that is only typical of this region’s nature. It is principally collected from pine, poplar, birch, aspen, spruce, and elm trees, as well as other shrubs in spring and late summer. It comes in pieces of different shapes and sizes, with colour variation from light brown to reddish brown and greyish black. It is primarily collected by scraping the frames and other wooden parts of the beehive.

The values of all parameters demonstrate that our propolis is a very pure and concentrated product that is free of any additives. Its raw purity is at a maximum, resin is up to 73%, and the beeswax and mechanical impurities do not exceed 30%. The composition of phenolic compounds has a fully expressed spectrum of flavonoids and carboxylic acids. The content of flavonoids is high, up to 5%. For a raw product, its chemical contamination is very low, which complies with the highest requirements for this category of raw material. The product is ideal for producing capsules, extract as well as for manufacturing pharmaceuticals, food supplements, and cosmetics with propolis as the main active ingredient. All specifications are based on detailed laboratory tests.

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